Upgrade cable data from SRT A100 to A2

(für Oceansat, L3 Inland, Emtrak A100 | Raymarine AIS950, Comar CSA-300, ...)

p/n. 1001009

Data + Sensors UPGRADE Cable for an easy upgrade from SRT A100 AIS (Oceansat, L3 Inland, ..) to Nauticast A2. D-Sub HD 50 female to D-Sub HD 26 female. Length: 30 cm; cable for external switch: 1 m Supported ports from connection box: Ext_Disp (In+Out), DGPS (In), LR (In+Out), Sen1-Sen3 (In), Switches Not Supported: Pilot (pilot port is integrated in A2 front, if connection necessary use LR or ECDIS port)

only for professional resellers – please contact Nauticast Sales
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