Nauticast A2

The robust Class A AIS solution for professional use, both SOLAS and Inland


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Upgrading from a Nauticast AIS, Saab R4, Oceansat or L3 Inland transponder?




Easy installation, full connectivity

The single-box design with integrated color display allows for easy installation. RS232/RS422 interfaces (NMEA 0183) and pilot plug guarantee seamless integration into all other ship systems.


High quality and compliance

Many professionals regard the NAUTICAST A2 as the most reliable device in its class. It fulfills all currently available specifications for SOLAS and INLAND AIS as outlined by main authorities such as IMO, ITU, IEC and CCNR. It is Wheelmark approved by BSH in compliance with ITU regulation 1371-5, is FCC and USCG certified and Inland AIS approved according to CCNR testing standard 2.0.

Other main features

  • Weatherproof & compact design
  • Integrated pilot plug in the front panel
  • Multilingual Software (EN, DE, FR, ES, NL, HU, RO)
  • SART alarm and test support
  • Intuitive graphical user interface
  • Quick software upgrade via USB

Technical Specifications

Modell Nauticast A2


238x87x173 mm


2,20 kg


24VDC (12VDC)
17W average consumption
24W (48W) peak consumption
1A (4A) peak current


5 x RS422 / 1 x RS232
1 x USB
1 x Digital In (e.g. Blue sign)
Alarm Relay / Pilot plug


Protected (EC 60945-Ed.4)
-15 °C to 55 °C


LED backlit TFT transmissive LCD
320*240 resolution, 16m colours
450 cd/m² luminace


SDR Transceiver
Frequency 156-163 MHz
Output power 1/12.5W (±1.5dB)
Sensitivity < -111 dBm


50 Channels
Frequency: L1(1575.42 MHz)
Update rate: 1 Hz
Antenna feed: 5 V DC


Position <2.0 m DGPS (CEP)
Position <2.5 m GPS (CEP)
(SA off)


Tracking -162 dBm
Cold Start -148 dBm