Nauticast AtoN2

The versatile Type 3 AtoN

The use of AtoNs (Aid-to-Navigation) is increasing rapidly at Sea and in Inland waters for an almost endless variety of use cases. They are used in lighthouses, offshore platforms and measuring station, buoys and other marks to provide both public and private information on navigation-relevant parameters.

The Nauticast AtoN2-3 offers full Aid-to-Navigation functionality in compliance with IEC 62320-2 Ed. 2 for maritime shipping and with the latest draft paper on AtoN use in EU Inland shipping (draft version 1.2). It transmits all standard AtoN messages on 2 channels in configurable mode. Encrypted communication for VDL configuration and transmission of sensor data are supported. External sensors can either be connected via serial interfaces or an additional sensor board. For floating AtoNs off-position monitoring is available. Energy saving features can be configured. It is available as board only or with casing alternatives. 

Windows based software Link2AIS supports configuration, operation and monitoring of all AtoNs features. 

As the hardware, the device firmware and the configuration software are all designed and developed in-house, Nauticast is the ideal partner for any custom-tailored solution.

Main features

  • Type 3 AtoN
  • Messages 6, 7, 8, 12, 13, 14, 21, 25
  • Transmission of message 21 using RATDMA or FATDMA modes A, B or C
  • 1W or 2W transmission power
  • 128bit AES encrypted communication
  • Excellent reception quality
  • Reception of all message types according to IEC 63320-2 Ed. 2 for AtoN type 3
  • Configuration on serial interface or via VDL, also supporting VDL chaining
  • Off position monitoring — various response options
  • Support of 16 Synthetic/Virtual AtoNs
  • USB interface for PC link (Link2AIS software)
  • Optional relay of AIS-SART messages
  • Satellite AIS option
  • 12-24 VDC power supply

Technical Specifications

Modell Nauticast AtoN2


158x120x20mm (board)


12VDC (24VDC)

1W avg. consumption
(at 3 min intervall)

12W peak consumption
1A (0,5A) peak current


RS232, RS422, USB


-15 °C to 55 °C

depending on casing options


1 Transmitter
Frequency 161-162 MHz
Output power 2W nominal

2 AIS Receivers
1 DSC Receiver
Frequency 156–162MHz
Sensitivity @ -111dBm < 20% PER


Internal Receiver
48 Channels
1 Hz Update rate
5V DC Antenna feed
IEC61108-1 compliant