Nauticast Portable: the mobile AIS Class A Transponder

The portable and self-contained solution for temporary AIS applications 





Product discontinued


We manufactured this device to provide a portable class A unit in situations with maximum mobility or fast changing operational requirements. During the early days of compulsory AIS installations these units were most commonly used

  • on board ships without (functional) AIS equipment while traversing navigation areas where AIS is required, both on inland waterways and for seagoing vessels
  • for use by pilots in these situations or where the operation of the ship's own AIS equipment was not reliable enough
  • on oil riggs or other platforms while moving them to a new location

With the propagation of AIS equipment throughout the maritime world many of the use cases lost their importance. Today Nauticast offers custom-made devices for customers with specific applications. If you are interested in such project-based development please contact sales@nauticast.com.