Nauticast Portable: the mobile AIS Class A Transponder

The portable and self-contained solution for temporary AIS applications 





Product discontinued


We manufactured this device to provide a portable class A unit in situations with maximum mobility or fast changing operational requirements. During the early days of compulsory AIS installations these units were most commonly used

  • on board ships without (functional) AIS equipment while traversing navigation areas where AIS is required, both on inland waterways and for seagoing vessels
  • for use by pilots in these situations or where the operation of the ship's own AIS equipment was not reliable enough
  • on oil riggs or other platforms while moving them to a new location

With the propagation of AIS equipment throughout the maritime world many of the use cases lost their importance. Today Nauticast offers custom-made devices for customers with specific applications. If you are interested in such project-based development please contact sales@nauticast.com.


Upgrade Options to Nauticast A2!

Switching from Nauticast AIS, ACR X-Pack, Saab R4, Oceansat or L3 Inland to the Nauticast A2, while leaving most of the current installation like connection box and data connections in place. For Details see

Nauticast B2 with USCG and FCC certification

With its US Coast Guard and FCC certification the Nauticast B2 is eligible for US vessels, where class B devices may be used to fulfill AIS carriage. Read more ..

AIS Training via Skype

Nauticast now offers AIS training in several modules via Skype. All you need is a PC with internet connection, microphone and speakers. The 3 standard modules are: General AIS/Nauticast A2 Installation and Operation/Nauticast AIS Repairs. Please contact Technical Support if you are interested.

Nauticast A2 approved according to ITU-R M. 1371-5 and CCNR Test Standard 2.0

With the latest round of certifications the Nauticast A2 complies with the most current SOLAS and Inland regulations. Read more ..