Now available! Upgrade Options from old Nauticast AIS, ACR X-Pack, Saab R4, Oceansat or L3 Inland

We make switching from some of the most popular devices on the market to the Nauticast A2 easy. Enjoy Nauticast A2 quality while leaving most of the current installation like connection box and data connections in place. For Details see

November 2016

Nauticast B2 US Coast Guard and FCC approved

As the carriage obligation in US waters has been extended, each self-propelled vessel of 1600 or more gross tons needs AIS equipment. For details see USCG AIS requirements. The Nauticast B2 is USCG (165.156/23/0) and FCC (2AEIINAUTICASTB2) approved and therefore is the perfect choice for smaller vessels and fishing boats to fulfill their obligation. While reliable in operation, versatile in supported configurations and ship integration the complete set Nauticast B2 (P/N 3001001) is a highly economical solution. For all vessels that need to be equipped with class A AIS, the Nauticast A2 of course offers the relevant US approvals, too.

March 2016

AIS Training via Skype

To improve AIS skills and also fulfill regulatory training requirements the following modules are now available:

  • General AIS Introduction (approx. 1hrs)
  • Nauticast A2 - Installation and Operation (approx. 1.5hrs)
  • ACR/Nauticast AIS, X-Pack, .. - Repair and Service (approx. 1.5 hrs)

Technical Requirements:

  • Windows PC with standard Internet
  • Speakers
  • Microphone

All participants will receive training certificates. All trainings are supported by video and powerpoint presentations. Skype plugin will be provided during session opening.

January 2016

Important Changes to Inland AIS Regulation on the Rhine

The Central Commission for Navigation on the Rhine (CCNR) has adopted a new regulation requiring all Inland AIS devices installed from 1st Dec. onwards to be certified in compliance with Inland Test Standard Edition 2.0. Devices tested according to Edition 1.0 oder 1.01 may be installed until 30th Nov and operated thereafter.

As far as we know, the CCNR is the only authority requiring the adoption of the latest standard. As in the medium term other authorities for Inland waterways will follow the CCNR ruling, we highly recommend to install tested equipment according to Edition 2.0 only. Ships with an AIS installation date from 1st Dec. onwards will not be allowed to travel the Rhine with AIS equipment not tested in ompliance with Ed. 2.0.

All Nauticast A2 being shipped since a few weeks ago are tested according to Edition 2.0. They can be distinguished by the software version 1.1.14 and the Inland certification number R-4-305 on the label.

Please find additional information in the CCNR brochure on Inland AIS and Inland ECDIS.
French version: Précisions concernant l’obligation d’équipement en appareil AIS Intérieur
Dutch version: Informatie met betrekking tot de verplichting tot uitrusting met Inland AIS-apparaten

October 2015

Nauticast A2 successfully passed certification according to Inland AIS Standard Edition 2.0

Nauticast A2 has successfully passed certification according to Inland AIS Standard Edition 2.0 with WSV (Wasser- und Schifffahrtsverwaltung Deutschland). The new standard bring some minor technical clarification, a new simplified mode for entering dimensions and enhancements in administration of persons on board. The changes for Nauticast A2 installers and users are minimal as e.g. the simplified mode has been part of the Nauticast a" software for years. The relevant software version for the new standard is 1.1.14. 

Note: Even though any Nauticast A2 with software version 1.1.14 will be technically equivalent to the certified devices, in a strict legal sense only devices also labelled with Inland registration R-4-305 may be deemed certified. For more details see the  A2 Product Sheet or please contact us if there are any question.

September 2015

New MED Module B approval for the Nauticast A2

The Nauticast A2 has been tested at BSH Cert (part of Bundesamt für Seeschifffahrt und Hydrographie) regarding the international standards ITU-R M.1371-5 and IEC 62288 Ed. 2.0. Changes done to comply to these standards include changes at the graphical interface (regarding alarms, SAR, ...) as well as technical aspects (e.g. regional multichannel operation). The approval number is 4581/001/4322749/15 and is valid till June 2020. Due to agreements with the US Coast Guard the USCG approval number 165.155/EC0735 with the Unique Identifier 4322749 has been issued. Details about the changes and information about additional introduced features can be found in the release notes, delivered with each Nauticast A2. If you have any specific questions, you can contact us directly.

June 2015

Nauticast B2 received BSH - approval

Nauticast B2 received the type examination approval with the certificate number 4542/001/4322808/14.

June 2014

AIS Annual Test Requirement

From 1 July 2012 all vessels fitted with AIS are required to have their equipment tested annually. The survey is to be carried out by a qualified inspector authorised by the administration or Recognised Organisation.
The new requirement is set out in IMO Resolution MSC.308(88) under new regulation 18.9 to Chapter V of SOLAS which states:
“The automatic identification system (AIS) shall be subject to an annual test. The test shall be conducted by an approved surveyor or an approved testing or servicing facility. The test shall verify the correct programming of the ship static information, correct data exchange with connected sensors as well as verifying the radio performance by radio frequency measurement and on-air test using, e.g., a Vessel Traffic Service (VTS). A copy of the test report shall be retained on board the ship”.
Further information on the testing of AIS units can be found in IMO MSC.1/Circ.1252 “Guidelines on Annual Testing of the Automatic Identification System (AIS)”.


Upgrade Options to Nauticast A2!

Switching from Nauticast AIS, ACR X-Pack, Saab R4, Oceansat or L3 Inland to the Nauticast A2, while leaving most of the current installation like connection box and data connections in place. For Details see

Nauticast B2 with USCG and FCC certification

With its US Coast Guard and FCC certification the Nauticast B2 is eligible for US vessels, where class B devices may be used to fulfill AIS carriage. Read more ..

AIS Training via Skype

Nauticast now offers AIS training in several modules via Skype. All you need is a PC with internet connection, microphone and speakers. The 3 standard modules are: General AIS/Nauticast A2 Installation and Operation/Nauticast AIS Repairs. Please contact Technical Support if you are interested.

Nauticast A2 approved according to ITU-R M. 1371-5 and CCNR Test Standard 2.0

With the latest round of certifications the Nauticast A2 complies with the most current SOLAS and Inland regulations. Read more ..